November 17, 2010

Using Handwritten Communications to Grow Your Small Business

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  1. Send a thank you card to a new client after finishing a project. Mention how you enjoyed working with them and look forward to the next project. Include a few business cards.
  2. Follow-up with a connection made at a networking event. Make the note personal by mentioning something you spoke about or including a promised referral. Include a few business cards.
  3. Surprise a client or colleague with birthday greetings.
  4. Celebrate a colleague’s special life event (marriage, new baby, retirement).
  5. Send a thank you card acknowledging a referral. To show extra gratitude, include a gift card for a local business.
  6. Write a note of gratitude to a colleague or vendor who helped out with a challenging project.
  7. Thank a client who always pays invoices on time (this is one of my favorites!)
  8. Send a card on a less-popular holiday. Your clients will be pleasantly surprised to receive a “Happy Thanksgiving” card.

Tips for managing handwritten communications:

  • Always have writing supplies on hand (greeting cards, note cards, postage stamps).
  • Keep a running list of people to send thank you cards (clients, vendors, referrals).
  • Put reminders in your calendar for business birthdays or other special events.
  • Set aside one hour in your week to write cards.

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