February 9, 2011

Tactics for Controlling Your Email Inbox

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  1. Print: print important emails immediately. This is a good safeguard if your email program crashes or you accidentally hit delete.
  2. Unsubscribe: unsubscribe from newsletters or updates that you don’t read regularly (see advice below).
  3. Follow: to stay updated with a business or organization without cluttering up your email inbox, follow them on twitter or Facebook.
  4. File: after a project ends, file related emails in client folders (eventually deleting as appropriate).
  5. Search & delete: to quickly and easily clean up your inbox, do keyword searches for a specific sender and delete all old emails in one keystroke.
  6. Filter: create filters for common emails (i.e. LinkedIn groups, small business or industry updates) so they are automatically filed into folders when they are received and can be reviewed/deleted quickly at-a-glance.
  7. Save: if an email contains a link to a useful website or resource, save the link in a note-taking app (such as Evernote) and delete the email.

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