July 10, 2009

How to Stay Motivated (and Keep Your Sanity) When Working from Home

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  1. Create (and stick to) a regular schedule: wake up, get dressed, make coffee, check email
  2. Schedule regular lunch or coffee dates with clients and fellow work-at-home friends (who probably need an excuse to get out too)
  3. Join a local chamber or small business group: many meet early in the morning which is good incentive to start your day
  4. Get physical: hit the gym or take a yoga class a few times a week
  5. Spread out your business errands: visit the bank one day, go to the post office the next day, etc.
  6. Attend local networking events: it’s not only a great way to meet prospects but also fellow business owners (we recommend Neighborhood Networking in Chicago)
  7. Offer to meet a client at their office: breaking the email habit and scheduling face time is also beneficial to the business relationship
  8. Get organized: keep your office or work space neat—and if possible, separate from your home life
  9. Work outside of your home office: whether it’s at a coffee shop or on your patio, the change of scenery can boost your creative juices
  10. Get a dog: it’s the easiest way to guarantee you’ll leave the house at least twice during your work day!

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