May 26, 2009

How Do I Get the Most Out of a Business Event?

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  1. Choose carefully: make sure it meets your goals, i.e. learning something new, focusing on a specific area of business, meeting prospective clients
  2. Tell your clients: they will appreciate you taking time off to focus on improving your business (which affects them positively as well)
  3. Do some pre-planning: whom do you want to…hear speak, meet in person, ask a question?
  4. Come prepared: bring lots of business cards and/or promo brochures
  5. Take notes: bring a small notepad to jot down names, ideas, to-do list
  6. Team up: if going with a friend, split up from time to time or invite solo attendees to join you for lunch or breaks
  7. Follow up: email a quick note or invite to link up (via LinkedIn, Biznik, etc.) to people you’ve met
  8. Keep the feeling alive: review your notes and/or to-do list often to keep yourself on track
  9. Start planning… for the next event you will attend

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