May 26, 2009

How Can I Green Up My Company’s Direct Mail?

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  1. Choose recycled or eco-friendly papers
  2. Reduce the size of the piece—keeping in mind USPS mailing requirements)
  3. Decrease the thickness of the paper—make sure it’s heavy enough to mail
  4. Order a smaller quantity (don’t you always end up with extras anyway?)
  5. Work with an FSC-certified printer
  6. Work with a printer who uses soy- or water-based inks
  7. Consider if the piece needs to be mailed: can you put the information on your website instead?
  8. Ask your customers how often they prefer to be contacted
  9. Keep your mailing list clean (click on address verification tools)
  10. Assess the greenness of your next project with an environmental calculator—like this one from Mohawk Paper

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