May 26, 2009

Tips for a Successful Trade Show

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  1. Show off your work: utilize both a computer slideshow and printed samples to display your work and engage attendees in conversation.
  2. Bring ample promotional materials (postcards, brochures): some attendees will take several to share with colleagues, so bring more than expected to avoid running out mid-show.
  3. Have a memorable giveaway: give attendees something that is unique but also useful to generate the best response and help them to remember you.
  4. Interact with attendees: hand them promotional materials, ask them to sign your mailing list—these interactions will help to start conversations.
  5. Use attractive tabletop décor: cover the table with a neutral-colored tablecloth, place promotional materials in literature holders or baskets, and display your company name/logo prominently (i.e. large poster, banner, picture frame).
  6. Take detailed notes: jot down details of your conversations with attendees (including how to pronounce their name, if necessary)—this will make follow up easier and more personal.
  7. Follow-up is key: send an email thanking attendees for stopping by your booth, making sure to mention a detail of your conversation (to jog their memory). This is also a good time to acknowledge if they have signed up for your newsletter—or to invite them to sign up.

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