September 17, 2012


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The view from my yoga mat

I used to be an avid yoga enthusiast. I even did prenatal yoga quite regularly when I was expecting. And then I had a baby. Who didn’t sleep for the first 10 months.

Now that Little One’s just over a year old and sleeping well, I’m slowly getting back into my yoga routine. One of the things I missed was how great yoga made me feel—especially during busy weeks when I logged a lot of computer time. A regular yoga/stretching routine even helped me bounce back from a case of wrist tendinitis, so I can’t sing its praises enough.

The benefits of yoga for a busy biz mama

  1. It melts away the day’s stress—and pulls back my (computer-induced) hunched over shoulders
  2. It allows me one glorious hour to myself, where I don’t have to worry about anyone being fed, changed or walked
  3. It clears my mind of any work tasks and prepares me for the weekend with my family

I’ve been taking outdoor yoga classes in a park near my office, so it has the added benefit of spending an hour in fresh air and sunshine. Friday can’t come soon enough!

June 6, 2012

Got aches & pains? Step away from the computer…

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One of my favorite resources for avoiding aches & pains

Is sitting at your computer all day a pain in your neck? Or back? or hands?

Extended periods of time in a sitting position + poor posture = aches and pains.

But, relief can be just a few stretches away. Having experienced a bout of wrist tendinitis when I first started my business (yes, I worked too many hours!) I can vouch for the benefits of daily stretches and yoga, as well as frequent breaks.

See some of my favorite resources below.

Preventing work-related aches & pains

Now, step away from the computer and get moving!

Still feeling the pain of sitting all day? Read my tips for staying healthy at your desk on the Creative Freelancer blog.

April 13, 2009

Boost your brain power…

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View of Japanese Garden at Chicago Botanic Garden

Chicago Botanic Garden

No, it’s not a new SuperFood or vitamin… it’s meditation. Personally, I always leave my twice-weekly yoga class with a clearer mind, but now I know there’s a reason for it: our class-ending meditation. According to this recent article from Yoga Journal, meditation can help your brain work better. They note that people who meditate regularly have a better capacity for perception, awareness and efficiency in processing information. All important functions for the small business owner especially. So when you feel challenged throughout your work day, try a few quiet deep breaths. And perhaps you can get a tax write-off on that yoga class