June 30, 2010

How to picture creativity

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After reading a recent article in HOW Magazine based on the upcoming book The Creative Process Illustrated, I was inspired to think about and illustrate my own creative process.

Though it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how a great idea forms, my process of getting to there usually takes a similar path:

  1. Start with notepad and pen (I like the Uniball Vision fine point pen)
  2. At the top of the page, write down the date and pertinent project details
  3. Do creative research—both online and offline
  4. In the sidebar, jot down words that come to mind: check thesaurus.com for additional keywords
  5. Sketch possible patterns, icons or motifs
  6. Create color palettes that may be appropriate (in colored pencil or by noting PMS color)
  7. Jot down font ideas or print font samples
  8. Start sketching layout thumbnails (and in my case, it’s literal—I work on a small scale!)
  9. Put stars next to the best ideas: start developing these ideas further on the computer

I try to keep my sketches neat, as I sometimes scan and email them to clients before I jump on the computer. But I try not to let that keep me from pushing myself and expressing all my ideas. Sometimes that so-called “reject” turns out be a winner!

How do you picture your own creativity?

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