February 21, 2011

Are you using O2O marketing for your small business?

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I recently read Duct Tape founder John Jantsch‘s article on 5 Trends that Will Shape Small Business in 2011. One trend that resonated with me was: O2O (online 2 offline) marketing.

What is O2O marketing?

John refers to it as “the logical integration of instant media with traditional media, social networks with chamber mixers.” He adds, “Online and offline, traditional media and new media, will stop competing and start working together.”

Admittedly, I’m an avid user of social media, however I also have a personal campaign to encourage people to send handwritten communications (read my articles here). Needless to say, I’m very fond of—and familiar with—the concept of online to offline marketing. And after being bombarded with social media opportunities, going offline for awhile is a nice change of pace.

How can O2O marketing be effective?

In my articles, I talk about about my own business relationships that were initiated online (i.e. twitter, blogs) but became established offline (i.e. handwritten note, in-person meeting). Without the offline communications, I wouldn’t have been able to to get to know the person and learn about their business. In each of these situations, I made not only a valuable business connection, but a new friend. And in small business, it’s all about creating personal relationships, discovering how we can work together or help each other.

How do you use online 2 offline marketing techniques in your own small business?

July 16, 2009

Direct mail that directs you online

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mac_sumoPCContrary to naysayers, I don’t believe print is dead! Though I’ve been noticing more direct mail that directs you to the web.

Take for example, the piece I recently designed for BAI Banking Strategies’ new online magazine. A printed piece was mailed to readers who may not be active web users, encouraging them to visit the new online publication.

Shown at right is an oversized (pink!) postcard I recently received in the mail from MAC COSMETICS announcing a special 3-day sale. This was followed-up with an email blast. In this case, their customers are likely already web-savvy, so a printed piece strengthened their brand message and call to action. Personally, the postcard tempted me to the website quicker than the email blast (and how can you resist a sale at MAC…)

Have you incorporated a print to web campaign into your own marketing?