April 26, 2013

Working makes me a happy and healthy mama

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My new assistant

My laptop interloper: if only I could teach him how to use Adobe Creative Suite…

Lately I’m hearing about studies showing that “working moms” are healthier and happier than “stay-at-home-moms.” First of all, let’s get real: we are ALL working moms. Being a stay-at-home mom is hard work. I get a glimpse of it when my toddler is home sick, and it’s much more exhausting than a workday.

But I will say that personally, I enjoy being a working mom. I do feel lucky that having my own business allows me to make my own schedule—and gives me the unique opportunity to tap into both worlds. I work 9-5 hours in my office (which sometimes end up being 11-5 or 9-3), but I’m able to leave early for a playdate or stay home when Little One is sick (which has been happening too often now that his immune system is adjusting to daycare…)

I will admit that after having a baby, I had thoughts of staying home. Going to playdates, the park, mommy groups, it all seemed so…FUN. However, I quickly realized that staying home didn’t mean not working—and I would miss my design business that I’ve grown over the last 12+ years.

It’s not easy being a working mom. There are days when Little One is sick and crying for Mama, but I have to call a babysitter and go to my office (hello, Mommy Guilt). But I enjoy the balance, creativity and sense of accomplishment that my workday provides—not to mention the inspiration that my toddler provides for my design business (especially for my line of baby and kids apparel). And one day I hope my son will be proud of his mama’s business. So yes, working does make me a happy and healthy mama.

June 6, 2012

Got aches & pains? Step away from the computer…

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One of my favorite resources for avoiding aches & pains

Is sitting at your computer all day a pain in your neck? Or back? or hands?

Extended periods of time in a sitting position + poor posture = aches and pains.

But, relief can be just a few stretches away. Having experienced a bout of wrist tendinitis when I first started my business (yes, I worked too many hours!) I can vouch for the benefits of daily stretches and yoga, as well as frequent breaks.

See some of my favorite resources below.

Preventing work-related aches & pains

Now, step away from the computer and get moving!

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February 4, 2011

Staying healthy at your desk

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photo on flickr by Alsterstar

As small business owners, most of us spend hours at our desk without even realizing it. Dedicating long hours to your business can be a necessity—but it can also take a toll on your body

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