June 20, 2011

Put your dog to work

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It's time to take a break!

Why should kids be the only ones who get a chance to peek into Mom & Dad’s workplace?

Mark your calendars: Friday, June 24 is Take Your Dog to Work Day!

In my case, I’m lucky to have Essie in the office regularly. Essie is a great office-mate. She doesn’t complain much. She’s a great stress-reliever and walking partner. Plus, I don’t even have to pay her (well, maybe in kibble). She also keeps me from hunching over my keyboard for hours on end. How can you resist a furry paw on your arm, begging you to go out? Now if only I could train her to fetch me a cup of coffee.

See Essie “hard at work” in the Take Your Dog to Work Day Photo Gallery.

Are you planning to take your dog to the office on Take Your Dog to Work Day?

Does your dog work with you full-time? Share in the comments!

January 21, 2010

Dogs who dig design

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Essie: a set on flickr

I’m proud to announce that my office assistant Essie made it onto the HOW Design Blog!

Her passion for design is quite evident in the fact that she regularly naps in front of my stack of HOW Magazine back issues, not to mention her honest critiques of my design work (woof!! = yes, it’s very good. arrooo = nope, not quite there yet).

Though she was more than happy to model the sticker on the HOW Design blog, we hear dogs aren’t allowed at the HOW Design Conference in Denver (sorry, Essie). But maybe next year…

November 20, 2009

More canine models, please!

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If you read the bright spot, you know how much I love dogs being featured as catalog models. Imagine my joy when I found this furry fellow in the latest Crate & Barrel holiday catalog. Maybe he’s not as elegant as the pashmina-sporting pup in the White House Black Market catalog—but a looker nonetheless. And with a matching pillow to boot. It makes me want to buy that chair!

Anyone else see any fetching (pun intended) canine catalog models lately? Please share!