December 5, 2014

10-Minute Marketing: Make your holiday card mailing list

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10-Minute Marketing: Maek your holiday card mailing listIt’s that time of year… are you sending a holiday card? Ive been sending my friends, clients and vendors a New Year card and calendar for several years now. Whether you send a print card or an e-greeting, it’s a great way to thank the people who support you and your business throughout the year.

This week’s 10-Minute Marketing task:

Write down your holiday card mailing list. 

10-Minute Marketing is a weekly series featuring short, easy-to-accomplish marketing tasks. Follow along with past posts here.


July 16, 2013

Sometimes one card fits all.

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Lidia Varesco Design blogher business card

Since I’ve been doing more blogging and it’s in my hometown, I decided to attend the BlogHer Conference this year. BlogHer attracts bloggers of all levels from across the country and features sessions on starting, growing and advancing your blog.

Knowing there would be opportunities for networking at the conference and I had multiple creative pursuits to share, I realized I needed a new business card. (Do I really want to hand out 3 different business cards?) I took advantage of’s special offer for BlogHer attendees and created my “one card fits all” design: a clean, simple layout that shares my design business, blog and baby & kids product line in one neat little package.

Do you have different business cards for different purposes?

July 11, 2011

Business cards going away? I don’t think so!

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A recent New York Times article spoke about how, in some circles, the business card is becoming a “relic.” [insert collective gasp from graphic designers everywhere]

My graphic designer-based opinions aside, I host networking events in Chicago and there is never a shortage of business cards being exchanged.

At the recent HOW Design Conference in Chicago, I saw business cards—from attendees and vendors alike—in myriad shapes and sizes, some using interesting formats or folds.

I understand the article’s point of view that in certain environments—such as tech conventions—people are exchanging contacts using technology (i.e. twitter handles or barcodes). But eventually those businesses will need to make themselves stand out or be memorable. And in a crowded marketplace, a well-designed business card can help your business stand out.

Business cards also keep you top-of-mind with the recipient. Many times, I keep a business card on my desk as a visual reminder to follow-up with someone. Can this be done with an electronic contact?

So yes, I think business cards will be stickin’ around.

Read my tips for making your business card more effective

What are your thoughts on the business card? Here to stay or going away?

March 16, 2011

How to rock your business card

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some of my favorite biz cards

Recently, there was a segment on CBS News about the importance of business cards. It got me thinking: what makes a business card effective?

I host networking events, so I see a lot of business cards (not to mention designing quite a few for my own clients). I’ve noticed that some of them just naturally stand out from the others. So, what makes a business card rise to the top of the stack?

Qualities of an effective business card

  1. It’s unique and memorable. Whether expressed through format (size, shape, folds), paper stock (heavy, textured, plastic, wood) or design, a memorable business card will stay in your recipient’s mind—and on their desk.
  2. The contact info is clear and complete. Ever received a card without an address or URL? It’s frustrating—and makes you less likely to keep that company in mind. Make sure your business card includes the basics: name, address, phone/fax number, email, URL. Then consider adding “extras”: twitter username, blog URL, hours of operation, product offerings
  3. It expresses your business. Incorporate an aspect of your business or personality into the card: if you’re a home builder, print your card on wood. If you sell a product, include a photo of it. Remember: this little piece of paper is selling for you long after you’ve walked away—so make the space count.
  4. It doesn’t overwhelm the recipient. Nowadays, many of us wear multiple hats—but don’t cram everything onto a 2″ x 3-1/2″ card. Consider creating a second business card for your ancillary business offerings.
  5. It’s well-designed and thought-out. A good business card—just like a good business—is not thrown together quickly, but thoughtfully considered, planned and executed. Need help? Talk to a graphic designer experienced with branding and identity (and I just happen to know one!)

View the CBS news segment “The Business of Designing Business Cards” here.

Seen examples of effective business cards? Thoughts about business cards in general? Share them in the comments!

February 18, 2011

From our greeting card shop: Year of Greetings set

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Year of Greetings card set from Lidia Varesco Design

Why don’t more people send handwritten cards? Because they don’t have one handy. Being a small business owner, I know it’s hard to find time in your busy day to go out and buy a card. For that reason, I created this special greeting card set.

With the Year of Greetings personalized card set, you’re prepared for any office or business occasion throughout the year. Includes our exclusive designs for special occasions such as a birthday or anniversary—as well as cards to thoughtfully express gratitude and sympathy.

Keep it on your desk along with stamps, and you’ll be prepared for any card-writing opportunity!

Buy the Year of Greetings card set.

Visit our online greeting card shop.

October 12, 2009

Got holiday cards?

holiday cards by Lidia Varesco Design

holiday cards by Lidia Varesco Design

Yes, it’s that time of year again… cooler temperatures… warmer sweaters… and holiday cards!

Get a jump on the busy holiday season and order your personal or business holiday cards from Lidia Varesco Design now. Visit our online shop to see new card designs, as well as old favorites, featuring botanical motifs, historical patterns and whimsical typographic designs.

And don’t forget: we can personalize any of our card designs with your personal message or business logo. Larger quantities are available too. Email us for pricing and ordering info.