March 3, 2020

What makes an effective marketing campaign?

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Effective Marketing Campaigns

For the last several years, I’ve been a judge at the IAPD/IPRA annual conference Agency Showcase Awards, which highlights marketing and communications from parks and recreation agencies in Illinois. 

This year my category was Marketing Campaigns, which ranged from event marketing to promoting special programs and initiatives. While I was reviewing the competition entries, I noticed several common threads in the most effective campaigns. 

They make SMART goals

The agencies that saw the best returns created SMART goals. Most importantly, their goals were measurable (the M in SMART) and trackable. 

They know their audience

Agencies with successful campaigns got to know their audience by doing customer research online and offline, checking demographic data in Facebook and utilizing customer surveys

They track their data

Rather than tracking anything and everything, agencies tracked the data that was most relevant to them, such as website visits, social media reach, response to events, discount redemptions, visibility of out of home advertising, email campaign clicks and opens, and increase in email list size. 

They use the data wisely

The campaigns that were most successful in their outreach used data to inform their campaigns. For example, one agency saw a decline in attendance in their events, so they launched a campaign specifically to increase event participation and it worked—attendance increased by 30%. 

Are you utilizing  these techniques in your marketing campaigns? Are there any other characteristics that effective campaigns share?

July 16, 2009

Direct mail that directs you online

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mac_sumoPCContrary to naysayers, I don’t believe print is dead! Though I’ve been noticing more direct mail that directs you to the web.

Take for example, the piece I recently designed for BAI Banking Strategies’ new online magazine. A printed piece was mailed to readers who may not be active web users, encouraging them to visit the new online publication.

Shown at right is an oversized (pink!) postcard I recently received in the mail from MAC COSMETICS announcing a special 3-day sale. This was followed-up with an email blast. In this case, their customers are likely already web-savvy, so a printed piece strengthened their brand message and call to action. Personally, the postcard tempted me to the website quicker than the email blast (and how can you resist a sale at MAC…)

Have you incorporated a print to web campaign into your own marketing?