January 5, 2017

Care to join me in a STORYSTORM?

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Im a storystorm participant

Some of you may have heard me mention PiBoIdMo (Picture Books Idea Month), a daily children’s book brainstorming challenge facilitated by author Tara Lazar that I participated in a few years ago (not to mention, got some great book ideas!)

PiBoIdMo has been replaced with STORYSTORM: a month of brainstorming new story ideas—and it’s no longer limited to children’s book ideas. This event is open to any writer seeking inspiration, support and community.

Registration is open until Friday, Jan. 7 and I just signed up to brainstorm ideas for new children’s books, as well as a few marketing book ideas I have. Sign up here.

Will you participate in STORYSTORM? Share in the comments!

September 20, 2012

New! Personalized Chronicle Books for little ones. #designmama

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Personalized goodies from Chronicle Books…and my little one’s current Chronicle fave (not available personalized though!)

Being a huge Chronicle Books fan and mama of a 1-year old, I was thrilled to hear about MyChronicleBooks.com: Chronicle Books’ new personalized products for kids. As someone who grew up with with an uncommon name, I would have loved to have one of these books!

Personalized Books are available, of course, but also Growth Charts, Lunch Boxes, Placemats, Wall Art, and paper goods, oh my!

I can’t wait to order personalized goodies for my little one—who is already a book lover, or should I say, book eater.

As a Chronicle Books affiliate, I am pleased to share this special offer!

25% off + Free Shipping on New Personalized Books and Gifts from MyChronicleBooks.com! Enter discount Code MyCB25 at checkout.

August 13, 2012

So, what am I reading?

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a few of my current selections…

Apparently, this past Friday (August 9th) was National Book Lover’s Day. I am truly a book lover. I always have several books going, on my nightstand, coffee table, office desk.

So, what am I reading?

Right now, I’m inspired by “mamas gettin’ it done.” Being a relatively new mompreneur (my son just turned 1-year old), I love to read about biz mamas who have experience and advice to share.

I’m also reading about starting a product line as I work on my new line of typographic baby goods.

I’m dreaming of my next vacation (did I mention I have a 1-year old?) and living vicariously through Sibella Court and the gorgeous way she decorates her life with her travel momentos.

And now that Little One—along with his appetite—is growing fast, I’m reading about making baby food. Or should I say, toddler food. (Lately, that’s all I have time to cook!)

My reading list

You might notice that some of my books are checked out from the library. Since space is currently at a premium in my home (read: it’s filled with baby gear) I had to slow down my book buying habit!

What’s on your current reading list?

January 20, 2012

Bright spot: people prefer print and paper

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paper, glorious paper...

Now, here’s a story that warms my heart: a recent survey commissioned by Two Sides showed that people prefer to read print communications rather than on a screen. As a print designer—and someone who still gets excited when a magazine arrives in the mail—this makes me happy.

And now that I’m a new mom, I’m buying more books than ever. Frankly, I would rather have my infant chew on a colorful board book than an iPad. And according to this story by Two Sides, I’m not alone: most parents agree that children should read good ol’ fashioned books, not electronic gadgets.

The Two Sides survey also found that many respondents believed electronic communications were more “green” than books, magazines and mail. Two Sides President Phil Riebel says “The fact is that both electronic and paper-based communications have an environmental footprint, and making both smaller is the right environmental choice.”

So keep on buying those books or hit the library. And don’t stop sending brochures or direct mail to potential clients—just be smarter about it. Use a smaller page size, print a lower quantity, link to detailed information on your website, clean up your mailing list to include only true prospects.

Thanks to Print in the Mix for sharing this story.

Have your print habits changed? Share in the comments!