February 3, 2011

Snowed in: scenes from the Chicago blizzard

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The lengths we go to for our morning coffee: snowy scenes from Chicago's West Loop. Click for more pics.

Yesterday was quite a day for many Chicagoans.

Between Tuesday and Wednesday we experienced one of the largest snowfalls in history, with totals creeping over 20 inches.

Snow was flying sideways at high speed. Thunder and lightning lit up the night sky. Chicago Public Schools were closed for the first time in over 10 years. Retail stores and banks were closed. Drivers were stuck in cars and buses for multiple hours on Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive. Homes lost power for 12 hours or more. Quite a day, indeed.

We were one of the buildings in Chicago that lost electricity for many hours. Not having heat, coffeemaker or internet connection, we trudged through the snow to our local Starbucks (one of the few places open!) for a warm breakfast. Along the way, we saw Chicago cab drivers and buses determinedly making their way through the snowy streets. While dogs (including our Essie) and children seemed to make the very best of the huge snowdrifts that accumulated in the streets.

The calm after the store—not to mention the massive clean-up—starts today. With cars still buried in side streets and temperatures dropping to frigid lows, many of my clients (and myself) are happy to be working from home again today. And schoolkids are once again enjoying a snow day.

See neighborhood photos of the Chicago blizzard posted by local public radio radio station WBEZ.

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December 18, 2010

Pantone 2011 color of the year: Honeysuckle

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It’s official: the 2011 color of the year from Pantone, the leading color experts, is a reddish-pink called honeysuckle.

The latest color trend: colors inspired by nature

Having attended a recent Pantone webinar on color, I noticed that many of their color picks were nature-inspired—making a gardener like me very happy. As I observe the colorful blooms on my balcony in the warm months, I can’t help but be inspired by the vibrant and unexpected color palettes created by nature.

How do you feel about next year’s top color pick?

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