November 26, 2012

Small biz spotlight: Visage Joli

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Wendy Kimmell of Visage Joli

Wendy Kimmell of Visage Joli; Wendy at work.

small biz spotlightWendy Kimmell is owner of Visage Joli in Chicago and an experienced makeup artist. From 1987–1996, she was the guests’ makeup artist for The Oprah Winfrey Show. She has also done makeup for national commercials including Kraft, Head & Shoulders and Pizza Hut. She was 1st Assistant to Key Makeup on the movie Rudy. And since 1993, she has been the senior makeup artist for CBS 2 Chicago.

I can personally vouch for Visage Joli: Wendy and her team did my bridal makeup and hair two years and it turned out fabulous. She and her team helped me start out my wedding day relaxed and stress-free—which any bride will tell you is truly appreciated. She even made sure I ate lunch!

Wendy Kimmell of Visage Joli

Tell us a little about your business.

Visage Joli is an award-winning on-location bridal makeup & team hair. We are comprised of pros from the television and film industries with 25 years of experience. Our makeup artists are airbrush-certified and their expertise is based in fine arts education.

Our hair stylists can do anything a bride and her mom and attendants desire, from a simple blow dry to the most cutting edge up-do. We pamper and relax bridal parties and have lots of fun with them.

What do you love most about having your own business?

Because this is my business, I can choose the quality of the hair and makeup artists who I work with. We can work directly with the brides so that they can get to know us, and see that we will give them the best service possible—all the way up to and including their wedding day.

What I love most about my work is enhancing women’s natural beauty!

Who are some of your past clients?

I have been fortunate to work with some wonderful media figures & celebrities. My favorites were Hilary Clinton, James Earl Jones, Anne Rice, the cast of Friends (loved Jennifer Aniston & David Schwimmer!), Clint Black, Rosie O’Donnell, Tom Hanks, Martha Stewart & Michael Douglas.

What skill(s) do you feel is most important for a small business owner?

I think the best qualities that a small business owner can have are flexibility and patience. Brides are very often overwhelmed, so what they may like at their makeup trial can change after they “live with a look” for 12 hours. Being agreeable with what a client wants or with sudden changes are very important to the success of a business.

Tell us about an exciting project you’re working on or have recently worked on.

The most fun project that I have worked on recently was The Blues Brothers Revue produced by Judy Belushi. The actors who play Jake and Elwood were fabulous and sweet. And I got to make-up Paul Shaffer and “Father Guido Sarducci” from Saturday Night Live! It was a very enjoyable day.

Visage Joli

Chicago, Illinois
Twitter: @visagejoli
Facebook: VisageJoli

October 29, 2012

Small biz spotlight: Mercury Organizing Professionals

Mercury Organizing Professionals in Chicago improves efficiency and reduces anxiety and frustration levels. They can improve utilization and control of your space, streamline filing, storage and scheduling systems, and help set sustainable organizational parameters. They provide a personalized plan for you. They put clutter in its right place and create efficient systems that eliminate obstacles, minimize distraction, and allow you to function at your best!

Founder Elizabeth Lourdes (Lulu) Miranda and I have known each other for many years, she is one of my dearest friends. Over the years, Lulu and I have collaborated on several successful art shows and currently co-host Neighborhood Networking in Chicago. Oh, and she is also helping me organize my home and office!

Elizabeth Lulu Miranda of Mercury Organizing Professionals

Elizabeth Lulu Miranda of Mercury Organizing Professionals

Tell us a little about your business.

The company was founded by Elizabeth Miranda. The name was chosen with the concept of the planet Mercury’s retrograde in mind. Three to four times a year the planet Mercury appears to slow down and appears to reverse direction in its cycle.

People commonly attributed technical malfunctions, setbacks, lost luggage, obstructions, misunderstandings, and sudden unexplained ‘out of the ordinary’ events to the Mercury Retrograde. They were advised to take things slowly during this stage of the cycle, to look at the details, and take extra precautions. Out of this came an awareness that instead of feeling loss of control and disappointment, one can create an advantageous moment, to redo, reassess, review, reconsider, and reorganize their activities.

I discovered that the concept of Mercury retrograde is quite meaningful. Whether you rewrite your business proposal, take time out to do the things you enjoy or reorder your messy cluttered closet, Mercury retrograde is about finding the treasures you hold, finding what really matters to you and honoring them.

What do you love most about having your own business?

I love the daily opportunities that come up for me to be creative and create solutions to a challenge. The sense of ownership comes from the freedom to learn from mistakes as well as celebrate the wins.

Who is your dream client/customer?

An ideal client is an individual or a small business dedicated to starting and staying organized. Keeping a schedule, whether weekly, monthly or annually with us to assist them in keeping up with their system we helped implement into their daily routine.

What skill(s) do you feel is most important for a small business owner?

A small business owner has to wear many hats and it’s difficult to reach beyond the daily grind. Once a system is in place, it’s the ability to reassess their current priorities that will keep them on task to reaching their goals.

Tell us about an exciting project you’re working on or have recently worked on.

People I work with generally comment on how frustrating it is for them to get organized and generally don’t know where to start. I enjoy that I can coach and pass on my skills to a person who wants to “get organized for life!” (that’s my slogan). Each case is different but the outcome is always the same, a person feels empowered to move forward with their ideas and dreams, not seeing clutter or obstacles any longer hindering their progress. I am happy to contribute to making that happen.

Learn more:

Mercury Organizing Professionals & Design Studio, Inc

Chicago, Illinois (they work with clients nationwide)

Twitter: @mopdscom
Pinterest: elmiranda
Facebook: MercuryOrganizing

And stay tuned to Biz Mama for an upcoming feature highlighting some of the organizing solutions Lulu has created for my office!