November 12, 2013

Daycare holiday = Take Your Son to Work Day

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My son getting free reign at one my vendor's office!

My son exploring my vendor’s office. His favorite part: big office chairs that spin!

April 26, 2013

Working makes me a happy and healthy mama

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My new assistant

My laptop interloper: if only I could teach him how to use Adobe Creative Suite…

Lately I’m hearing about studies showing that “working moms” are healthier and happier than “stay-at-home-moms.” First of all, let’s get real: we are ALL working moms. Being a stay-at-home mom is hard work. I get a glimpse of it when my toddler is home sick, and it’s much more exhausting than a workday.

But I will say that personally, I enjoy being a working mom. I do feel lucky that having my own business allows me to make my own schedule—and gives me the unique opportunity to tap into both worlds. I work 9-5 hours in my office (which sometimes end up being 11-5 or 9-3), but I’m able to leave early for a playdate or stay home when Little One is sick (which has been happening too often now that his immune system is adjusting to daycare…)

I will admit that after having a baby, I had thoughts of staying home. Going to playdates, the park, mommy groups, it all seemed so…FUN. However, I quickly realized that staying home didn’t mean not working—and I would miss my design business that I’ve grown over the last 12+ years.

It’s not easy being a working mom. There are days when Little One is sick and crying for Mama, but I have to call a babysitter and go to my office (hello, Mommy Guilt). But I enjoy the balance, creativity and sense of accomplishment that my workday provides—not to mention the inspiration that my toddler provides for my design business (especially for my line of baby and kids apparel). And one day I hope my son will be proud of his mama’s business. So yes, working does make me a happy and healthy mama.

October 30, 2012

National Women’s Small Business Month: how can you support and celebrate?

Percentage of woman-owned businesses: 1970 and 2012

According to the SBA, about 30 percent of small businesses today are owned by women, compared to about 5 percent in 1970.

As we near the end of National Women’s Small Business Month, here are a few ways to support woman-owned businesses:

  1. Visit a local woman-owned store or boutique
  2. Buy from a female artist on (there are lots of us!)
  3. Offer to mentor a young entrepreneuress or college student
  4. Join a networking group for female entrepreneurs, such as Savor the Success or Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence
  5. Read my blog posts featuring small business owners, Amy Nadelen of Tribe Wellness and Lulu Miranda of Mercury Organization Professionals

Share your story about being a woman in business

If you are a woman-owned business, submit your story to The Story Exchange’s 1,000 Stories Campaign, a project aimed at understanding the needs of women business owners and giving their stories the media exposure they deserve.

What ideas for supporting female entrepreneurs do you have?

August 13, 2012

So, what am I reading?

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a few of my current selections…

Apparently, this past Friday (August 9th) was National Book Lover’s Day. I am truly a book lover. I always have several books going, on my nightstand, coffee table, office desk.

So, what am I reading?

Right now, I’m inspired by “mamas gettin’ it done.” Being a relatively new mompreneur (my son just turned 1-year old), I love to read about biz mamas who have experience and advice to share.

I’m also reading about starting a product line as I work on my new line of typographic baby goods.

I’m dreaming of my next vacation (did I mention I have a 1-year old?) and living vicariously through Sibella Court and the gorgeous way she decorates her life with her travel momentos.

And now that Little One—along with his appetite—is growing fast, I’m reading about making baby food. Or should I say, toddler food. (Lately, that’s all I have time to cook!)

My reading list

You might notice that some of my books are checked out from the library. Since space is currently at a premium in my home (read: it’s filled with baby gear) I had to slow down my book buying habit!

What’s on your current reading list?

May 10, 2012

A round-up of “moms in business” blog posts for #MothersDay

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My wonderful Mama! photo @ Simply Jessie Photography

With Mother’s Day approaching, I wanted to share a few mom-themed small business blog posts Ive come across:

  1. Biz Ladies: Lessons about Motherhood and Business by Meg Mateo Ilasco on design*sponge
  2. How Has the Mom in Your Life Supported Your Small Business? from Sarah Petty’s Joy Blog
  3. 5 Rules to Maintaining a Healthy Work/Life Balance from The Business of Being a Mom
  4. The rise of the mommy economy from Oregon Business (via @boogiemom)

…and something just for fun…

Throughout my personal and business life, I have been inspired and encouraged by my mom. Now that I’m a new mom myself, I’m even more grateful for my wonderful mom.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mama!

We believe motherhood is boot camp for running a business. Whether you want a big business or a small one, a home office or sky rise, you are halfway there when you embrace your strengths as a mom and pack them for your journey as a business owner.

—from The Business of Being a Mom website

Have you written a post about being a mom in business or honoring your own mom? Share in the comments!

December 22, 2011

A baby changes everything—in your morning schedule, that is.

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"What morning schedule?"

Before baby:

  • 8 am: wake up
  • 8:15 am: have a leisurely breakfast while catching up on magazines
  • 8:30 am: browse twitter feed/blogs, work on new blog posts
  • 9:30 am: check and respond to client emails
  • 10 am: take dog out for a long walk

After baby:

  • Sometime between 5 am–9 am: wake up (usually in a hurry) and feed baby
  • While baby is occupied in swing or bouncer: eat breakfast quickly and read a few pages of a magazine (if I’m lucky)
  • After breakfast: check and respond to client emails on iPhone in rocking chair, while feeding or rocking baby
  • When baby starts crying: take dog and baby out for a brisk walk (hoping that baby will fall asleep in stroller)

How did your schedule change after baby?