April 22, 2011

3 Easy Ways to Make a Difference on Earth Day

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Today is Earth Day but for many of us, it’s a pretty vague concept. What should I do to celebrate Earth Day?

Below are several easy and unique ways to can make a difference today.

3 easy ways to celebrate Earth Day

Starbucks Free Coffee on Earth Day

Starbucks is offering a free brewed coffee or tea if you bring in a reusable mug today.

Office Depot Pen Recycling

This week, bring in 10 used writing instruments for recycling to Office Depot and receive a coupon toward a Sharpie, EXPO, or Paper Mate product.

Creative Pitch Paper Donation (Chicago)

This local organization collects art supplies and donates them to art teachers in need. They are currently in need of paper donations. Everything 8.5″ x 11″ and up is welcome (WHITE / MATTE paper is preferred). They have a drop-off location in the Loop. See the Creative Pitch website for contact info.

These are a few easy ways to get started, but why stop there? Celebrate Earth Day everyday by consciously making an effort to reduce, reuse and recycle in your business and personal life.

Need ideas? Read our blog post on “green” office finds. And see what we do in our design studio to be green.

April 2, 2010

It’s not easy being green… wait, maybe it is?

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For some reason, the topic of sustainable graphic design keeps coming up lately in my reading (I think I read too much). We’ve been implementing green practices in our design studio for awhile now. Thanks to these green resources for designers and marketers, I have lots of new ideas…

Do you know of other green resources especially for design and marketing folks? Share them here!

February 25, 2010

Take a new look at recycled papers

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When people used to think of recycled papers, they envisioned a brown paper bag or worse yet, a dirty white flimsy sheet. Well, welcome to the new world of recycled papers!

And here’s proof that more people are using recycled papers—from the latest New Leaf Paper newsletter:

…the number of leading environmental printing and writing grade papers produced in North America has more than doubled from 97 to 228 in the past 18 months (according to information released today by Canopy, a Vancouver based non-profit organization that works to improve the environmental performance of paper and wood companies, and a Steering Committee member of Environmental Paper Network.) The sharp increase in eco-paper options is the result of large paper buyers demanding more papers with ecological attributes, a growing trend despite recent troubles in the North American paper industry and global economy.

As I’ve been transitioning my line of greeting cards and stationery to 100% PCW recycled paper, I’ve done exhaustive research in this area. I’ve compiled a list of what I consider the best and brightest (literally!) recycled papers easily found in the marketplace now. Many are available in colors, in addition to white and off-white. And many are surprisingly affordable. So now there’s no reason not to think green when choosing paper for your business needs.

100% PCW recycled paper stocks:

(in alphabetical order)

A few recycled paper tips:

  1. Where can I buy them? recycled paper can be purchased in small quantities from online paper retailers such as The Paper Mill Store, which has a handy page showing all 100% recycled papers at-a-glance. You may also order directly from the paper mills—follow the links above for ordering info.
  2. How do I know it’s 100% recycled? Look for “100 PC” in the name or “100% postconsumer waste fiber” in the description
  3. Let your clients or customers know! If you’re using 100% PCW recycled paper to print your marketing pieces, you may want to let your customers know by printing the recycled symbol on the piece. This guide from The Paper Mill Store explains the correct way to use the various recycled symbols and provides a link to download the logos.

If I have forgotten any 100% recycled paper stocks, please write a comment and I’ll add to my list. Happy (recycled) printing!

September 25, 2009

More ways to green up your direct mail

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If your company sends direct mail, you have a great opportunity to educate your customers about being green — and promote your own environmental efforts. Here are a few tips, inspired by Deliver Magazine:

  • Print a link to Earth911.com, which lists the Post Office locations that recycle direct mail (magazines, catalogs and mixed paper)
  • If you’re a Direct Marketing Association (DMA) member, add the organization’s “Recycle Please” logo to your printed pieces
  • Indicate if you are printing on recycled paper, or with safer inks or FSC certification. Use the appropriate green logos to get the most impact.

See our tipsheet How Can I Green Up My Company’s Direct Mail? for tips on environmentally-friendly printing options.

September 23, 2009

Green up your direct mail

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recycled_symbol_grDo you work on direct mail programs, but are struggling with the environmental impact”? Ask your designer or printer to look into these two new eco-friendly options for mailers (courtesy of  the latest “green” issue of Deliver Magazine)

  • Earth Flex Poly: 100% biodegradable and compostable poly film. Use it to wrap single books or cards.
  • EarthFirst film window envelopes: look like traditional window envelopes, but are compostable and recyclable.

For more green mailing tips, read our Tipsheet, How Can I Green Up My Company’s Direct Mail?

August 14, 2009

Be green this weekend!

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green_festThe first annual Green Music Fest hits West Town Saturday and Sunday. See cool bands, learn how to make your life (and business) more green, and support local businesses. What could be better?

Buy your tickets here. The Green Music Fest will be held in Eckhart Park, 1330 W. Chicago Avenue. Brought to you by the West Town Chamber of Commerce. Go green!

May 21, 2009

Being green and helping others

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asparagusIt’s Green Week at the bright spot and (thanks to a recent Pivot Boutique newsletter) I just discovered a local organization that is doing good for people and the environment. Growing Home provides job training for homeless and low-income individuals in Chicago through agriculture. Participants ready themselves to re-enter the workplace by learning skills required for organic farming. The produce is sold at local farmers markets, including The Chicago Green City Market.

You can help support Growing Home by attending their 7th Annual Benefit on Thursday, June 11. In addition to a keynote address by Rick Bayless, there will be tastings from local favorites Charlie Trotters, Vie, Bistro Campagne and many more.

May 20, 2009

More green inspiration

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msismarthomeI’ve been bitten by the Green Bug this week… I can’t seem to change the topic! As of late March, the Museum of Science and Industry’s “Smart Home” has reopened—with a few changes reflecting the lifestyle of the modern urban couple (the home office has been relocated, and a baby nursery is in its place). Having seen the Smart Home last year, I can attest that this green exhibit home built on the campus of the Museum is pretty darn cool. It’s a great place to get ideas for greening up your own office (and home).

The Museum of Science and Industry is located at 57th Street and Lake Shore Drive, Chicago IL.

May 19, 2009

Go green, go local…

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gilasicounterVolunteering at the Chicago Green Festival™ this weekend gave me an opportunity to meet lots of local green businesses. As many of us are trying to go green in our offices—not to mention support local businesses—I’ve decided to share a few of my finds. (I’m a customer of a few of these businesses already!)

  • Green Depot: building & cleaning supplies, lighting, paints, home & office décor – they also carry eco-friendly packaging materials (NW side Chicago)greendepotcleaner
  • Gilasi: recycled glass countertops (Chicago) – shown at left
  • GreenHeart: fair trade art, accessories, clothing  – great place to find unique client or office gifts (downtown Chicago)
  • Stainless Cups: stainless water bottles (Carol Stream, IL)
  • GreenMonkey: organic catering (downtown Chicago)
  • The Enterprising Kitchen: soap & spa products – they make great gifts for clients or colleagues! (N side Chicago)

May 15, 2009

Green Festival this weekend!

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The Chicago Green Festival™ comes to Navy Pier this Saturday and Sunday. You’ll have the chance to meet 350+ local and national green businesses, or listen to one of the many well-known speakers.

I’ll be volunteering Sunday morning at the Creative Pitch booth to help out this great local organization.

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