April 13, 2020

A to Z of Social Media Marketing: K is for KPI

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KPIs help you measure the success of your social media outreach. KPIs should be aligned with your social media goals and they should be SMART.

Here are 4 general categories of social media KPIs and how they relate to goals: 

  • Reach – awareness goals
  • Engagement – engagement goals
  • Return on investment – sales goals
  • Retention or loyalty – customer service or retention goals

For example, if your social media goal is to raise brand awareness then you would track audience growth, post reach, and number of mentions. If your goal is to increase engagement, you would track likes, shares, comments or other interactions with your audience. If your goal is return on investment, you would track lead conversions or revenue from events. 

TIP: Plan to revisit KPIs with your team at least every 6 months.