April 5, 2018

A to Z of Design: E is for EPS

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A to Z of Design: E is for EPS

EPS, TIF, JPG, oh my! Navigating all the various file formats can be confusing. Here’s a quick primer.

  • EPS (vector): A fully-scalable file format, which means quality and resolution are not lost when scaling up. This type of file is generally used for logos or other artwork that will be reproduced in print.
  • TIF: The standard format used for high-resolution, detailed images that will be placed in a layout program.
  • JPG: A compressed image file format, mainly used for desktop printing and web/online graphics. It does not support transparent backgrounds.
  • PNG: A low-resolution image format used for web or social media graphics, as well as PowerPoint/Word files. Images can have a transparent background.
  • GIF: A low-resolution image format mainly used for web or email.
  • PDF: A file format that embeds fonts, images and design. Used often for design proofs or forms (fillable form fields can be created). Print vendors will also accept high-resolution PDF files for print projects.

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  • https://dragonseyeview.com/ Dragon’s Eye View

    I found you through the A to Z Challenge! I’m new to blogging and design and appreciate the explanation of the lingo. I’ve got a lot to learn! 🙂

  • http://blog.lsvdesign.com/ Lidia Varesco Design

    Thank you for following and sharing your comments! I have been doing the challenge for the last 4 years and recently turned one of my series (A to Z of Branding) into an ebook, so I suspect I will do the same with this one. Stay tuned 🙂

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