April 13, 2016

A to Z of Branding: I is for identity

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A to Z of Branding: I is for identity

I is for identity

Brand identity is used to refer to the overall graphic “look” of your organization. This includes your logo of course, but also your brand colors, typography usage, graphic elements or photography, website or online presence and social media branding. A strong brand identity can be noticed almost immediately: a red bull’s-eye symbol is Target. A brown delivery truck is UPS.

An easy way for an organization to stay on-brand is to have a set of Brand Standards (also sometimes called Graphic Standards): a manual that contains all of the brand identity standards, ranging from color and logo usage, to marketing piece templates, copywriting guidelines and social media polices. All members of the organizations (and contractors) can refer to this when creating branded marketing materials.

See an example of a Brand Identity Guidelines manual (see bottom design sample).

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  • http://jeffreyascott.blogspot.com/ Jeffrey Scott

    A company definitely needs an easily identified identity if they want to stand out.

  • Arlee Bird

    If we stand out more in the crowd, the public will pay greater attention to us. Identity can be difficult to achieve with uniqueness, but when you’ve got it it can pay off big.

    Arlee Bird

    A to Z Challenge Co-host

    Tossing It Out

  • http://blog.lsvdesign.com/ Lidia Varesco Design

    Most definitely. With so much noise and competition online, having a clear focus (on one thing if possible) is what makes people successful. Thanks for following, Arlee!