December 3, 2015

Why do moms in business give back?

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This Tuesday was Giving Tuesday, or #GivingDay, a global day dedicated to giving back.

When I found out about #GivingDay, I decided to give back to Little Giraffe Foundation by donating a portion of my typebaby online shop sales toward buying holiday gifts and books for local NICU families. My daughter recently spent 3 weeks in the NICU, so this was a cause close to my heart.

I started to wonder about the reasons others had for giving on #GivingDay, so I reached out to fellow moms in business for their insight.

For every gift membership purchased today, NPN [a Chicago organization that supports local families] is donating a membership to a family in the Rush or Lurie NICU.

– Christa Reed, Associate Executive Director at Neighborhood Parents Network (NPN)

I starting giving to Kiva simply because someone invited me. What I like about Kiva is how easy it is, the array of kinds of business all over the world I can choose from, the support offered for the small business owners and mostly because it’s fun!

– Gayle Stephens, GayleForce Healing Massage & Bodywork

I am giving to the Women’s Treatment Center because I believe it’s important to give everyone, especially Mothers, a second chance.

– Misse Daniel, Owner/Wedding Planner at Honey Bee Weddings

Why did you give on #GivingTuesday?