August 31, 2015

How smart is your social media branding?

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How smart is your social medai branding

Social media is a smart way to promote and increase awareness for your organization or nonprofit. In fact, social media might be the first place someone learns about you. Are you using your social media branding wisely?

What is social media branding?

Social media branding is how your organization is perceived on social media. This encompasses both visual (logo, imagery) and verbal (writing, voice) but for now, we will be focusing on the visual aspect.

Keep it consistent

One of the first steps to social media success is having well-designed and consistent branding throughout. You want people to easily recognize your organization or nonprofit on social media

Design a smart social media brand

The first step is to claim your page on all the major social media channels (even if you’re not using it yet): LinkedIn, twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest. Ideally, you should choose the same username for all channels.

Then, you need to upload the required images, which includes:

  • Profile
  • Header
  • Cover
  • Background

You can use the same or similar images for each social media channel, but be aware of the different sizes and specifications required by each. Whatever you do: DON’T just drop in your logo or stretch it to fit!

TIP: Sprout Social has a great “always-up-to-date” social media image size reference here.

Have some fun with it…

With some of my clients, I will create a custom version of their logo for social media purposes. Since you are not limited by paper size or ink colors, you can get creative with it.

Bring more awareness to your events or programs

You can also create social media headers or cover images to promote special events or programs. Your social media branding can—and should be—constantly evolving.

See some of my social media branding design examples here. And stay tuned for more posts on designing smart social media branding.

I know it can be overwhelming keeping up with ever-changing social media specifications and the myriad required images for each channel. Let us help! Check out the social media branding we’ve designed and then give us a call.