April 29, 2015

Y is for yell

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Y is for yellY is for yell

Toddlers yell, especially when they don’t get their way (case in point: my 3-year old having a meltdown this morning because he insisted on eating crackers before getting dressed). I like to think the concept of yelling is not bad: toddlers are not yet emotionally-mature enough to manage their feelings like adults do. So their frustration comes out as a YELL.

Sometimes, small business owners would like to yell too. But we (hopefully!) find a way to channel those emotions into something less, err, loud. Like taking a few deep breaths or hitting the gym.

How do you channel your “yelling” emotions?

  • Tyrean Martinson

    Yelling is a way of letting those wild emotions loose, but we have to be careful not to hurt others with it . . . which is something that a toddler usually doesn’t get yet.

  • lidia

    So true. As adults, we know not to do that, and can hopefully teach our kids the same. Thanks for your comment.

  • http://blog.lsvdesign.com/ Lidia Varesco Design

    So true. As adults, we know how to do that and hopefully pass that on to our children. Thanks for your comment.