April 25, 2015

V is for vanity

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A to Z of being a mom in business: a daily blog series

V is for vanityV is for vanity

When you become a mom, all sense of vanity seems to go out the window. First off, you quickly realize you have absolutely no idea how to take care of a tiny little person (“but I know how to run a business, I’m sure I can figure this out!”) As they grow into little toddlers, you find yourself going to work with mud stains on your pants and just shrugging it off.

As a mom in business, you also have to lose some sense of vanity. Not everyone will “love you” or be your ideal client. And sometimes you feel like you’re doing a pretty bad job juggling work/home priorities. But you just have to shrug it off. And realize that, in the end, you’re doing a pretty darn good job.