October 25, 2014

30 picture book ideas in 30 days? Sign me up!

Filed under: Creativity — lidia @ 10:41 am

PiBoIdMo 2014 official participant badgeWith my new-found passion for designing children’s books, (and obsession with coming up new ideas) I was excited to stumble upon children’s book author (and mom) Tara Lazar’s blog and her annual challenge, PiBoIdMo: Picture Book Ideas Month

Inspired by the NaNoWriMo movement (National Novel Writing Month), PiBoIdMo challenges you to come up with 30 picture book ideas or concepts during the month of November.

I’ve had so many children’s book ideas percolating, so Im excited to have an incentive to start documenting them every day.

Sign up runs through Nov. 4. If anyone else joins in the fun, let me know! I will be sharing sketches on my typebaby Instagram page.

Now, off to buy a new sketchbook…