September 4, 2013

Featured Biz Mamas: Lindsay Kavet & Jessica Cribbs of Expressing Motherhood

Featured Biz Mamas: Jessica Cribbs & Lindsay Kavet of Expressing Motherhood

Left to right: Jessica & Lindsay with Maria Shriver after their Today Show interview. Opening night of their show in Burbank, CA (dresses provided by Unique Vintage)

Biz Mama columnThis week’s featured Biz Mama(s) are former Midwestern girls, Lindsay Kavet & Jessica Cribbs of Expressing Motherhood. Currently residing in Southern California, these two stay-at-home moms (using the term loosely) manage to each raise 3 kids apiece and put on a popular stage show.

In 2008, stay-at-home moms Lindsay and Jessica conceived the idea for Expressing Motherhood after leaving their full time jobs outside the home to work full time inside the home. Expressing Motherhood is the hit, on-going stage show that has been showcasing people with stories of motherhood onstage ever since. It was the first stage show of its kind to offer a platform for these stories with no acting, writing or speaking background, the space to just get up and share their experience regarding motherhood.

Lindsay Kavet is the Co-Creator/Director & Producer of the show. She also launched last summer, a site dedicated to bringing discussion to making our roads safer. Jessica Cribbs is Co-creator and Producer. When she’s not driving carpool or separating fights, she’s blogging about her favorite family-friendly town in SoCal at

Lindsay Kavet & Jessica Cribbs of Expressing Motherhood

Tell us a little about your job responsibilities with the Expressing Motherhood show.

Lindsay and I started the show together and it’s actually been really cool to see how we’ve morphed into the roles we have now. Lindsay is the one who casts and directs the shows and works with the performers on the editing of their pieces, if necessary. We know what works with these shows, and that’s normally no more than 5-7 minutes per performer. Sometimes it takes a lot of work to get amazing stories down to that amount of time…but Lindsay does it very well, without compromising the integrity of the story.

Lindsay and I share a lot of the producing responsibilities on the shows, meaning, the booking of the theatre, networking, social media, blogging, events and such.. And I’ll create our programs and graphics for promotion and such.

What are the ages/genders of your children?

Lindsay: 7-year old boy, 3-year old boy and 2-year old girl
Jessica: 8-year old girl, 6-year old boy and 3-year old girl

How does having children affect your working life, in particular, when producing an on-going stage show?

I can truly only speak for myself on this, but I will tell you that Lindsay and I are both committed to our families and raising our children takes a priority over our show production. There have been times when we’ve both agreed that a show at that time or this time wouldn’t be beneficial to either of us…so we set our show schedules to our family schedules.

Producing a show does affect my life as a mother…I know that I, personally, struggle with the mom-guilt of a preoccupied mind. I would say that having children doesn’t really affect my working life so much…but the working life I want affects my life with my children. And I suppose that’s where my guilt comes in! I do think, though, it’s important for my kids to watch me do things that make me happy.

Describe a typical day when you have a show in production.

(Laughing) We love show days! Typically we’ve had our nails done…for the first time in a long time…and maybe even hair…a new dress or shoes…. Most of our producing work has been done at that moment, so it’s just a matter of showing up to the theatre and putting on a show! Lindsay and I thoroughly have a fantastic time on show days. We are both stay at home mothers, so when opening night comes, we know we’re in for a treat…a little creative break does a mother good. There is work to do on a performance day, sometimes there are sponsors to work with or more programs to order/pick up… we make sure our performers have what they need for a great show, etc. When we take that final bow, the satisfaction that comes with it is just amazing.

What is one tip you can share with other Biz Mamas?

A tip, eh….. Well, from me personally, I suppose my ‘tip’ would come directly from my mother. Before she passed away, she said she wanted one thing for us…’Be Happy. Be A Family…that’s it.” Really, what that means to me is make sure your priorities are in order. The rest will fall into place.

Final thoughts?

Lindsay and I are both Midwestern Gals…we LOVE this part of the country and cannot wait to visit family, friends and just put on an amazing, poignant, entertaining show. We’re looking forward to tasting the best of Chicago…maybe catching a show somewhere in Town and enjoying a Girls “Extended” weekend!

See Expressing Motherhood in Chicago!

Expressing Motherhood will be at Stage 773 in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood from September 19–21. Buy tickets here. I’ll be there! Will you?

Expressing Motherhood

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