October 30, 2012

National Women’s Small Business Month: how can you support and celebrate?

Percentage of woman-owned businesses: 1970 and 2012

According to the SBA, about 30 percent of small businesses today are owned by women, compared to about 5 percent in 1970.

As we near the end of National Women’s Small Business Month, here are a few ways to support woman-owned businesses:

  1. Visit a local woman-owned store or boutique
  2. Buy from a female artist on Etsy.com (there are lots of us!)
  3. Offer to mentor a young entrepreneuress or college student
  4. Join a networking group for female entrepreneurs, such as Savor the Success or Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence
  5. Read my blog posts featuring small business owners, Amy Nadelen of Tribe Wellness and Lulu Miranda of Mercury Organization Professionals

Share your story about being a woman in business

If you are a woman-owned business, submit your story to The Story Exchange’s 1,000 Stories Campaign, a project aimed at understanding the needs of women business owners and giving their stories the media exposure they deserve.

What ideas for supporting female entrepreneurs do you have?