September 7, 2012

When you promote your small business, do you show what you do?

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Left: HEEX hand-sewn direct mail piece; Right: Lidia Varesco Design Valentine Day promotional piece

I saved a past article in Deliver magazine because it featured a fantastic direct mail piece for a Czech fashion label.

The piece (shown at left) was a hand-sewn mini-garment, with pockets for the business card and letter and contact info printed on the “garment tag.” It was a fabulous example of a brand showing what they do—quite literally—and it resulted in large volume of sales for the company.

Does your small business effectively show what you do?

When you send a marketing or promotional piece, does it reflect your business? Not all of us can create a direct mail piece that is as literal as the fashion brand example. But we can still express an aspect of our business.

A few ways I show what I do:

  • I have a passion for—and extensive knowledge of—paper, so I chose a unique paper stock for my business cards (Gmund Bier Papier made with beer by-products!) I’ve also incorporated handmade paper into my website design.
  • I also love books so for a Valentine’s Day promotion, I sent clients a copy of the CRAVE Chicago guidebook and a handmade bookmark (see above.)
  • Typography is another obsession of mine, so I created Typography in the City, a blog to share found typography in my Chicago neighborhood.

Do your marketing materials reflect your business?