July 26, 2012

Featured Project: alumni magazine redesign

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CTS Challenge & Response cover and interior spreads

Chicago Theological Seminary (CTS) had recently moved into a new building, meaning the name of their alumni magazine, Tower News, no longer applied (it referred to the Lawson Tower at their old campus). They also felt the move to a new building was the perfect time to refresh the publication, which I originally designed three years ago.

An in-house CTS committee brainstormed names and agreed on CTS Challenge & Response, which referenced their vision and mission, as well as the title of a book written by a long time and beloved Academic Dean.

My task was to redesign the masthead and update the interior pages to reflect the name change, while keeping the essence of Tower News (which had a strong following). They also wanted to incorporate regular columns into the publication.

CTS was thrilled with the redesign and readers loved the “new” publication.

See past issues of Tower News and the current issue of CTS Challenge & Response.