June 22, 2011

Kicking off the summer in (creative) style

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Yesterday (June 21st) was the Summer Solstice, which marks the longest day of the year.

Besides more “al fresco work days” (via laptop and wireless), I’ve been planning a few ways for my small business to kick off summer in creative style.

How I kicked off my summer…

Sending a “Happy Summer Solstice” card

I like to stay in touch with clients and friends by sending cards with a handwritten note throughout the year. And since my logo is the sun, sending a “summer solstice” card seemed only natural.

TIP: sending a card on a less-expected holiday always makes an impact.

Attending the HOW Design Conference

Leaving the office for a few days to get creatively inspired and network with other professionals is important for small business owners—especially solopreneurs. So this year, I decided to attend the HOW Design Conference, which just happens to take place in my hometown!

TIP: let your clients know you will be out of the office at a professional conference. They will appreciate knowing that you are working on improving your business (which benefits them!)

How did your small business kick off summer?