October 22, 2010

Paper sells: the comeback of paper

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Paper is making a comeback.

Though the last few years have seen an increase in digital and online marketing channels, people are now realizing: paper sells.

Whether it’s a direct mail piece, catalog or marketing brochure, printed pieces are a way for businesses to stand out in the digital age.

This is great news for a print designer such as myself. I do strive to be be green, going paperless when possible. But being a longtime fan of paper (OK, paper junkie), I can’t deny the joy of seeing a printed brochure or announcement on a fabulous paper I selected.

And why not use paper? Most paper companies have responded to customers’ requests, offering environmentally-friendly options. Designers can create a design that uses less paper more creatively (saving trees and money). And there’s no substitute for experiencing the tactile quality of a printed piece.

According to the recent Deliver Magazine, direct mail generated the majority of donations to nonprofit organizations in 2009. Marketers are also realizing the value of combining print with online channels.

Several paper companies have launched recent campaigns to promote paper. NewPage Corporation launched the Paper Sells More Product” campaign, giving away $100,000 in print services to help catalogers, magazine publishers, and retailers sell more product.

Domtar Paper launched the “PAPER Because” campaign to highlight the key role paper plays in our lives and the reasons why it’s an environmentally sound choice.

Several paper and printing companies have also partnered with The Print Council. By providing education, awareness and research, they aim to promote the importance of print and the role it plays in your business’ media mix.

So, when you work on your next marketing or promotional campaign: think paper!