September 3, 2010

Kicking off Friday Afternoon Marketing

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Between working on client projects and office duties, I bet many of us have a hard time squeezing in time for our own business marketing. I’ve decided to kick off Friday Afternoon Marketing. (Yes, I even created a “logo” for it, below)

I started a list of marketing tasks and will devote time each Friday afternoon to check things off the list. This avoids: A) doing marketing tasks in small, inefficient chunks; and B) not doing marketing at all. Of course, my schedule may not always allow me to devote an entire afternoon to marketing but if it’s on the calendar, I’ll be less likely to skip it.

So, what kinds of things will I do on Marketing Friday?

Typical Friday Afternoon Marketing tasks

  • update my profile for online portfolios and directories
  • rewrite my business bio
  • write a blog post (today’s post is a perfect example)
  • send thank you cards to clients and vendors
  • work on designs for new promo pieces
  • write a new Small Business Tipsheet
  • follow up with potential clients and prospects
  • file project samples, upload project images to my flickr portfolio
  • update my website: add new projects or newsworthy items
  • research potential clients
  • answer questions or write a recommendation on LinkedIn
  • watch a small biz or marketing webinar

How do you devote time to marketing your own business?