August 5, 2009

Have you mentored someone lately?

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Photo by Denzil~ on Flickr

Photo by Denzil~ on Flickr

The June issue of Natural Health magazine featured an article on mentoring that really resonated with me—enough that I kept it on my desk, dogeared, for 2 months. The article highlights four points to mentoring a fledgling business newcomer:

  1. Share your wisdom: in addition to helping someone along in their career, it can also give you a new appreciation for what you do
  2. Find a protegé: if you don’t have someone in mind, search local mentoring groups or educational institutions, such as the DePaul University Coleman Entrepreneurial Center which pairs up young entrepreneurs with mentors
  3. Set a schedule that works: though face time is important, if time is limited, phone and email check-ins can work
  4. Celebrate successes: applaud your protegé’s accomplished goals to help them maintain their enthusiasm and momentum
Courtesy of Natural Health magazine, June 2009

On the road to my own business success, I’ve had many mentors who have helped me along (whether they realize it or not!): my dad, who is also a small business owner (and just darn good at business), my first graphic design teacher Phyllis, who helped me realize I wanted to pursue this profession, my first boss Robin, who taught me the day-to-day activities of running a design studio, not to mention the creative side. And my friend Franny, who coached me through the transition of working for The Man to starting my own business.

Who can you share your knowledge with?