April 29, 2009

The spiritual side of entrepreneurship

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Istria, Croatia

Istria, Croatia

With the daily barrage of news detailing economic downturns and communicable diseases, people seem to need something positive, something to believe in. The topic of spirituality has come up before in the bright spot (see the post on meditation). And since I’ve resumed my yoga and meditation practice, it will likely come up again. However, I’m pleased to see the topic being even more widespread—reaching the business community.

This Friday, the Coleman Entrepreneurship Center is presenting a workshop called The Spiritual Dimensions of Entrepreneurship. What is a “spiritual entrepreneur”? Someone who is not only “fully aware of the business and the external environment of corporations, but also, of itself.” In other words, they actually care about the people they affect, as well as those who help them achieve success. In this age of layoffs, pension losses and general big-business negativity, a few spiritual entrepreneurs would be a welcome thing.

  • http://www.coachingfromspiritchallenge.com/ Sharon Wilson

    Thanks for the post! It’s time for us to reach out spiritually to the business community.

  • http://www.lsvdesign.com lidia

    What you are doing is great, Sharon!

    I think even a short meditation (or just a few deep breaths) and an afternoon yoga break can be beneficial on a busy workday. Feeling more centered and present leads to greater motivation and productivity. Personally, I feel the benefits both spiritually and physically.

    If there were more “spiritualpreneurs” out there, it could make for a happier workforce!